Wags & Whiskers Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Liz Waguespack Practice Owner

Both of Dr. Liz Waguespack’s parents worked as nurses, and she grew up on a Lafayette farm alongside horses, cows, ducks, rabbits, dogs, and cats. From an early age, Dr. Liz was exposed to the unconditional love of animals and the fascinating field of medicine. She knew she wouldn’t be happy doing anything other than working with animals; a career in veterinary medicine was the obvious choice!

In August of 2002, Dr. Liz began her undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in animal science and minors in biology and psychology. She stayed at LSU for veterinary school, graduating in 2010, and began practicing veterinary medicine in the Carencro area that same year.

Dr. Liz holds a special interest in Eastern medicine, which she began pursuing in 2011 after witnessing a patient regain full walking ability after just one acupuncture treatment. Dr. Liz is now certified in veterinary acupuncture and in food therapy. Her next planned certification will be in herbal medicine.

Dr. Liz and her husband, Kyle, live with four dogs. Their Border Collie, Brie, accompanies Dr. Liz to work every day and is a clinic favorite. Norma Jean is a terrier mix who spends most of her time looking for things to eat and chasing down varmints! Cooper is a goofy Dalmatian that is always involved, interested, and trying to “help”. Jimmy is their newest rescue addition. He was found extremely matted with severe corneal ulcers that required both eyes to be removed. He has adapted exceptionally well and is just the happiest dog. Dr. Liz and her husband also keep horses, a dairy cow, and several chickens on their farm.

Dr. Liz has been riding horses since she was eight years old, and it’s still her favorite hobby. She was even a member of Louisiana State University’s equestrian team throughout her undergraduate studies. Whenever she has the chance, she enjoys showing her horses in competitions and taking them out for a trail ride. When not at work at the clinic or at her farm, Dr. Liz contributes time to mentoring 4-H students and volunteering with the LSU AgCenter’s Master Horseman program.

Dr. Molly Waltman Practice Owner

Dr. Molly Waltman was first inspired to care for animals while watching the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, on television. She quickly began learning every fact she could about all sorts of creatures. As she grew older, Dr. Waltman realized that teaching others about the things she knew was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life!

Dr. Waltman grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana with her parents, two brothers, and her childhood Golden Retriever, Rudy. Upon completing her undergraduate studies in animal science at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Dr. Waltman headed to Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine to earn her veterinary degree. After graduating in 2015, she and her husband moved to Lafayette where she began practicing veterinary medicine in the Carencro area.

Medically, Dr. Waltman enjoys ultrasound work because of the unique perspective it can offer on a pet’s health. She’s also passionate about client education — her early fondness for teaching has never wavered, and she loves informing pet owners about the best ways to care for their animal companions.

Dr. Waltman’s husband, Brandon, works as a soil scientist for the United States Department of Agriculture. They welcomed their daughter, Emelia, into the world in 2015 and their son, Lucas, in 2017! Dr. Waltman and Brandon also share their home with two lovable dogs named Dexter and Remy, as well as a plump black cat.

In her time away from the clinic, Dr. Waltman enjoys spending time camping, hiking, and hunting in the great outdoors. She also loves teaching her dogs new tricks and taking them out for runs; their care-free attitude tends to be contagious!

Rebecca Matt Registered Veterinary Technician

Rebecca was born and raised in Lafayette with a passion for animals. She attended LSU and earned her bachelor’s degree before moving to Austin, TX where she worked at a boarding and daycare facility with tons of crazy canines! After Austin, she returned to Baton Rouge to pursue her love of animals by earning her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology and became a Registered Veterinary Technician! Rebecca has two chocolate labs named Dood and Daze who keep her hands full while she isn’t working. Rebecca is so overjoyed to be able to work with us doing what she loves every day!

Lainey Louviere Veterinary Nurse

Helping animals is something Lainey has been dreaming about doing since she could walk! Animals have been a huge part of her life. She has a PitBull named Connor Blake, a mixed dog, Draco Malfoy that she raised from birth, two cats Brad and Chadd, and a duck named Wellington! She also has a little human named Eli. She knows your pets are more than just pets, because her fur babies are just that, her babies!! She always tries to make you and your pet as comfortable and as informed as possible during your visit.

Dana Daigle Veterinary Nurse

Dana always dreamed of having a job where she can help and be around animals all the time. She has two fur babies of her own, a pit bull named Rocky, and a pit mix name Hemi. She feels very fortunate to have a job where she loves what she does and the people that she works with. In her spare time she enjoys skeet shooting, spending time with friends, and crabbing.

Kandace Andaya Customer Service Representative

Passionate about helping people and compassionate towards all living things, Kandace has been destined for a career in this field. Growing up in both rural North Louisiana and the heart of Cajun Country, she has always had several animals that she has nurtured and maintained throughout her life. Currently, she is the proud servant of two beautiful, mischievous Siamese cats: Lillian & Stoney. Both of them believe they are sophisticated, urban tigers of miniature proportion. An accomplished dancer and current instructor, Kandace enjoys spending time with her family & friends and reaching out to help those in need. She is well known in the community for being committed to the well-being of others and the relentless pursuit of love & peace.

Morgan Bellow Customer Service Representative

As a young girl Morgan dreamed of working in Veterinary Medicine but it wasn't until her own dog, Remi, became ill that she actually made her way into the field. While caring so intensely for her fur baby, Morgan realized that she wanted to give her time and compassion to others who may be facing similar challenges. Morgan's favorite part of her job is getting to know both clients and their pets. She loves people and animals so it's simply the best of both worlds. Morgan and her husband recently adopted a standard poodle named Doug. In her spare time, Morgan loves spending time with her husband and family, training Doug, shopping, and working out.